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The GOAL of our GUIDEBOOK is to inspire us all to be more humane and take better care of each other and take better care of the Earth. This is the essence of indigenous wisdom around the world. We are all connected. We are all related. We are one human family.

After reading the GUIDEBOOK & watching the 13 ONE HEART Movie video clips, we hope you will embrace the following principles presented in the ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT movie:

• Respect All People & the Earth
• Become Less Materialistic
• Think Seven Generations Ahead
• Be More Compassionate
• Be Humble and Do Not Humiliate
• Give Love and Practice Forgiveness
• Be Patient
• Meditate and Connect with Nature
• Be Kind and Do No Evil
• Give Many Gifts

In other words: Always try to be kind! Every act of kindness counts, no matter how great or small! Let's all be more humane and come together, as one human family, and help create a kinder world!

Help Create a Kinder World

About us

The One Heart-One Spirit Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes harmony between indigenous and non-indigenous people to help create a more humane world.

1. We promote indigenous wisdom: Be kind to everything that lives.
2. We develop educational materials and programming.
3. We support indigenous rights and the environmental protection of water, land, air and wildlife.

The One Heart-One Spirit Project was founded in 2016 to expand on the humane message of the One Heart-One Spirit movie with supplemental educational material and programming. “HELP CREATE A KINDER WORLD - Your Guide to Indigenous Wisdom” is our first instructional GuideBook, Online Course at iTunes U, and free iBook/PDF download written by Anne and John Pritchard in collaboration with Beverly and Kenneth Little Hawk. It will be distributed as part of the 2018-19 One Heart Movie-College/University Tour (schedule coming soon).

The 2018-19 One Heart World Tour is coming to a College near you!

The 2018-19 One Heart World Tour

The One Heart-One Spirit Project celebrates indigenous wisdom by promoting respect and equality for all human beings. It is now time for the world to come together in harmony and learn from our indigenous brothers and sisters who have survived for so many thousands of years. We are bringing the One Heart movie to college students in 25 countries around the globe.

"Many of us have forgotten about being humane, and that's what ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT is working at to bring the humanity back to each and every one of our behaviors, here and all around the world."
—Kenneth Little Hawk

The 2017-18 One Heart World Tour


While materialism and environmental devastation rule the day, we can no longer afford to treat ourselves as the center of the Universe. It is now time for non-indigenous people to learn from our indigenous brothers and sisters and become more spiritually connected to one another and the Earth. We must be kind to all and respect all life! We are part of a wonderful world and need to help one another and act together as a family. It is this very act of loving service to others that lies at the heart of indigenous wisdom. Being generous of spirit has many benefits, from creating better relationships to making the world a more harmonious, peaceful place: Be humane. We are all connected. We are one Human Family.

Filmed at the three day Aboriginal Garma Festival in the northern territory of Australia, ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT introduces us to Native American Mi'kmaq/Mohawk performing artist Kenneth Little Hawk who travels half-way around the world to Australia where he meets legendary movie star, Jack Thompson. In North East Arnhem Land, Jack introduces Little Hawk to the oldest surviving culture on the planet: the 40,000 year old Aboriginal people of the Yolngu nation. At the annual Garma Festival, the Yolngu people greet Little Hawk with open arms as if he were a family member. He plays his flute and shares his Native American stories with everyone he meets: Djalu, the Didgeridoo master; Djiniyini, the wise Yolngu elder; Dr. Yunupingu, Garma co-founder, Australian of the Year and Yothu Yindi lead singer; Ms. Yunupingu, the artist and healer; Timmy, the tour guide; the Grandmothers; the Australian Ambassador to the United States, Kim Beazley; and Galarrwuy, Garma co-founder and Australian of the Year who is officially recognized as an Australian National Treasure.

Can we create a kinder world and really come together in harmony as one human family? Can we be more humane? Absolutely! As long as we can curb our egos and follow the wisdom of indigenous people, humanity will prevail.

Directed by John Pritchard, produced by Little Hawk Productions, Eternal Ways, and Executive Producer, Greg Reeves. Available in running times of 36 and 60 minutes, 2016, USA/Australia, documentary in English.


"The One Heart movie provides historical insight into one of the world’s oldest surviving cultures in northern Australia while simultaneously speaking to the very important issue of human diversity and caring for the environment. It’s great to hear this movie will be reaching college students all over the world.”
- Magnus Bernhardsson, Williams College Professor of History and Global Studies

"Everyone should see this movie; it does important work. One Heart, One Spirit invites the viewer to join Kenneth Little Hawk, North American Indigenous Storyteller and Musician as he journeys half way around the world to meet with the 40,000-year-old Yolngu tribe. Its’ truths may appear simple--respect all living beings; be less materialistic; act with compassion, consideration and kindness—but those who listen fully, with an engaged heart and mind, will be richly rewarded. With the Yolngu people speaking the way, The One Heart, One Spirit movie allows a glimpse of a future full of hope and love. More importantly, it offers insight and instruction in a way of life that can lead there."
- Emily Zukerberg, J.D., Advocate for Environmental Justice and Economic Equity

"There is a shift taking place on planet earth. Whether it is business, academia or government, the next generation wants something new....something human. They can feel it deep within. One Heart - One Spirit shares this awakening by going back to the oldest living indigenous people on the planet; the Aboriginal people of the Yolngu Nation. Be prepared for the beauty and majesty of this documentary as it awakens your it did mine."
- Brad Szollose, Global Business Adviser and Best-Selling Author of Liquid Leadership

"ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT shows us the need to discover the threads and emotions that bind different cultures together, the harmony we need to ward off an apocalyptic future. Underneath the unnatural boundaries societies have created to mark their ways, their means, their lands, lies nations peopled by individuals who should seek the togetherness understood by the first nations. One Heart explores these themes by documenting the journey of Little Hawk, a Native North American, to the renowned Garma festival, Australia’s most significant Indigenous event, and a model for self-determination, reconciliation, Indigenous knowledge sharing, transfer and exchange."
- David Greenberg, Director of Marketing, Music Works International

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